Past Events

Fungi Lunch and Slow Mushrooming with Alison Pouliot – Festival of Fungi 2021

Alsion Pouliot Workshop - Festival of Fungi 2021

Fungi Workshop with Alison Pouliot – Festival of Fungi 2021

Bioluminescence Event in Euroa

Bioluminescence – Festival of Fungi ’21

Riparian Walk #3.6 – Seven Creeks, Strathbogie

Riparian Walk #3.5 – Wallaby Gulley Nature Reserve, Upton Hill

Bald Hill Creek, Strathbogie Walk - Photo by AT Aerial Services

Riparian Walk #3.4 – Bald Hill Creek, Strathbogie

Stop Mynas Strathbogie – Workshop #2 2019

Riparian Walk #3.3 – Mountain Hut Creek, Kelvin View

2019 AGM

Stop Mynas Strathbogie – Workshop #1

Riparian Walk #3.2 – Wombat Creek, Strathbogie

Riparian Walk #3.1 – Boatholes Creek to Mineral Springs, Ruffy

Under the Microscope 2019

Riparian Walk #5 – Hughes Creek, Tarcombe

Riparian Walk #4 – County Creek, Ruffy

Riparian Walk #3 – Hughes Creek to Tarcombe

Riparian Walk #2 – Wombat Creek

Indian Myna Day

Roadside Vegetation Survey Presentation and Bus Trip

Riparian Walk #1 – Strathbogie to Polly McQuinns

Riparian Walk #6 – Emu Waterholes Creek

Fungimap – How to use a fungi app with Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher

Fungimap – Fungi of the Goulburn Broken with Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher

Festival of Fungi with Alison Pouliot - Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network SRCMN

Fungi Festival Malaysian Feast and Intro Talk with Alison Pouliot

Fungi Festival – Local Fungal Curiosities Workshop with Alison Pouliot

Riparian Walk #5 – Boatholes Creek Ruffy

Riparian Walk #4 – Hughes Creek Gorge

Riparian Walk #3 – Gerars Creek

Riparian Walk #2 – Brookleigh Rd to Strathbogie Township

Riparian Walk #1 – Polly McQuinns to Gooram Falls

SRCMN Strathbogie Moth Night

Strathbogie Forest Moth Night

A Day with Dr James Fitzsimons

New and Part-Time Landholder Euroa Forum 2017

Revegetation Day – Ruffy

2016 Festival of Fungi – Alison Pouliot

2016 Festival of Fungi – Puff Ball

SRCMN recognized for achievements

Wild Strathbogie Art – Schools lead the way.

Stories from Country Workshop Euroa November

Bush Tucker Field Day