Healthy Hectares

This guide is designed to assist you in assessing your land and managing it in a way that protects and enhances the natural environment, provides a healthy and safe environment for animals and is appropriate for the time you have available.

Understanding Your Soil Test

This booklet has been written for the dryland grazing zones of the Goulburn Broken Catchment of Victoria. The same principles will apply, however, to other dryland grazing zones in Victoria. It aims to assist land managers in understanding and interpreting soil test data.

Weeds of the Goulburn Broken

The purpose of Weeds of the Goulburn Broken is to provide all land managers, public and private with a locally relevant field guide that will assist in the identification and management of environmental and agricultural weeds in the Goulburn Broken Catchment.

Wildlife Guide for Landholders in the Foothills and Upper Regions of the Goulburn Broken Catchment

This booklet provides an insight into some of the wildlife species and habitat types that occur in the upper regions of the Goulburn Broken Catchment, including information about each species’ needs, threats and ways we can help them survive.

Stop Mynas Strathbogie Brochure

If you’d like to join the fight against Common (Indian) Mynas in the Strathbogie Ranges, this is a great starting point. The brochure was made for the Stop Mynas Strathbogie group and contains some useful information on how to get started.

Wildlife Nest Boxes

Installing Nestboxes – why bother?
• Permanent nest-boxes are a great way to survey secretive native animals in your local area.
• Many areas of bush don’t contain enough hollows for the birds, bats, possums and gliders that live in the area.
• Even where there are enough hollows, installing nest-boxes lets you see what’s going on.
• If you install quality-built nest-boxes, they’ll last for many years and will breed many generations of the animals that use them.
Download the brochure here. download the summary here.

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