Healthy Hectares


This documentary film directed by Stephen Curtain is based on two events organised by Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network in 2022, a fungal workshop and a field trip to explore hydrology and soil health on a wholistic farm. The events were part of an ecological literacy program to create meaningful dialogue between experts and local and wider communities.
Alison Pouliot, mycologist invites people to be excited and amazed by fungi and to value their importance as the third kingdom – flora and fauna being the other
kingdoms. The workshop in Strathbogie is followed by a fungal field trip to Mt Wombat.
Walter Jehne, soil microbiologist and hydrologist links the science of soils and hydrology to the specific surrounds on a wholistic farm that includes part of the catchment of the Seven Creeks. In this setting Walter directs people’s attention to the inter-relationships and the delicate balance between living and non-living components.
The goal of the director in making this documentary is to encourage others to be fascinated by nature and to work with the natural processes for a climate adapted future. The production of this film was supported by Regenerate Earth