Alsion Pouliot Workshop - Festival of Fungi 2021

Fungi Workshop with Alison Pouliot – Festival of Fungi 2021

After the previous night’s Bioluminescence event in Euroa, it was time to delve deep into the strange and wonderful world of fungi. Both of our weekend events were booked out months in advance, so the early birds were greatly rewarded for their foresight.

Alison Poulit at the 2021 Festival of Fungi
A hands-on demonstration of the structure of mycelium

The ever charming Alison Pouliot was back for her third Festival of Fungi, bringing with her a stunning array of hand harvested fungi. This took centre stage in the Strathbogie Memorial Hall, with attendees gathering around the incredibly diverse sample of the mysterious fungi kingdom. As always, a wide spectrum of topics were covered. From practical tips for mushroom identification, to fungi’s vastly understated rolls in nature and agriculture, attendees got a small glimpse of the normally invisible links between the fungi and human worlds.

Wild Australian mushrooms
Part of Alison’s foraged collection of fungi on display

A brief field trip to Mt Wombat to deploy this newfound knowledge yielded several exciting discoveries by eagle eyed enthusiasts. Alison’s impressive familiarity with the samples walkers encountered gave an even greater depth to the days learnings.

Mount Wombat fungi foraging
Getting up close and personal with wild fungi at Mount Wombat

Thank you to Alison Pouliot for being the centrepiece of our festival, to The Weekend Local for providing much needed hot soup and snacks throughout the day, and to attendees who came from far and wide to learn.

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