Riparian Walk #3 – Hughes Creek to Tarcombe

Despite the drizzle, 25 stoic walkers braved the weather to peruse this beautiful section of the Hughes Creek. Meeting at the Ruffy CFA shed, walkers piled into vehicles to the start point at Donovans Rd. The traditional pre-walk photo was taken before setting off down into the gorge.

The customary pre-walk rock photo

Rain from the chilly, saturnine night before had made the rocks along the first section of the walk just slippery enough to be worth avoiding, so the procession skirted them by walking off-piste above the creek and were rewarded by the spectacular views down into the rocky gorge.

Not much wildlife was seen other than a friendly wombat and a shy turtle/tortoise (debate still rages on this distinction) that were spotted by eagle eyed walkers. Neil Phillips captivated fellow walkers by sharing his vast knowledge of the district’s unique geological features, with his extemporary expositions on rock holes, granite varieties.

Weeds were surprisingly few and far between, with the occasional blackberry bush rearing it’s head, although the time of year made the leafless bushes more tricky to spot than usual. Electric fences and creek crossing were formidable foes, and it was noted that the creek was flowing stronger than a few weeks previous.

The walk started at 9am and concluded around 1:30pm, with the avoidance of slippery rocks accelerating the pace while still feeling leisurely.

A series of geo-tagged photos has been uploaded to the SRCMN Flickrfor public viewing.

Thanks to all of the walkers who came and helped out with the car shuffle, to the SRCMN members for their help and enthusiasm and to the generous landholders for allowing us access to the creek through their properties.