Riparian Walk #3.2 – Wombat Creek, Strathbogie

Continuing the trend of revisiting previously explored riparian areas, the Wombat Creek didn’t disappoint.

The previous visit was in March and the scenery could not have been more different. Knee high grass, still wet from the previous night’s downpour instantly dampened all hopes of keeping dry feet intact.

The view from the starting point…
…and 7 months earlier

The walk pace was fairly leisurely, with plenty of morning tea breaks along the way. The previous night’s rain (around 5mm) was enough to wet all of the rocks, which combined with a relatively high water level, meant that most walking had to be done along the steep banks of the creek. This slowed the pace down, but meant that the creek could be viewed from a higher perspective than last time.

Looking down at Wombat Creek after scrambling up the steep banks

Being spring, the wildflowers were in full bloom, which combined with the lush greenness of winter made for a spectacular walk.

Insects enjoying the blooming flowers

Blackberries were present along the creek, but not in numbers seen during other walks. Other notable weeds were mint that could be found down the entire reserve, as well as some Arum (Death) Lilies, an invasive species from South Africa.

Thanks to all of the walkers who came, and again to the generous landholders for allowing us access to the creek through their properties.