Adventures in Nature – Tarcombe Ridge Walk

Our second Adventures in Nature walk showcased the dizzying heights and intense lows of the mysterious Tarcombe Valley. A mix of new and familiar faces was heartening to see. These walks are as much about exploring nature as they are about making new friends.
Walkers met at the end of Donavans Rd before the now traditional group introductions. After some vehicle logistics were sorted, rides were shared to the start point in the Sleigh’s paddock. From there, it was a quick descent through grassland inhabited by curious cows and perfidious mushrooms to the Hughes Creek.

Walkers were instantly entertained by a startled fox who’s clumsy boulder acrobatics nearly rewarded it with a dip in the famous Hughes Creek. After the show, the serious business of finding a path along the Hughes Creek that didn’t involve wet ankles was commenced. A few turnbacks and route alterations were needed to keep walkers dry, with slippery moss and sharp drops attempting to lure walkers into the cold embrace of the swollen creek. Thankfully nobody was temped and a relaxing break was had near the confluence of the Hughes and County Creek.

The mighty granite boulders of the Hughes Creek

The immense slabs of granite were a standout along the entire route providing some great photo opportunities. Blackberries were present along most of the Hughes Creek, although not in high numbers. This will obviously change if they remain untreated. Another well deserved break was had at top of the Tarcombe ridge. The immense boulders sheltered walkers from the biting hilltop winds before the final leg down to the Tarcombe-Ruffy Road. From there it was a brief car shuffle back to the starting point on Donovans Rd.

An aerial view of the County and Hughes Creeks, with the Tarcombe ridge above

Thanks to all of those who came, to the landholders who allowed us access to their properties and to everyone who assisted in the car shuffle.