Lost Reserves of the Strathbogie Ranges – Creightons Creek Reserve Walk

The Euroa I48 Bushland Reserve in Creightons Creek is the epitome of hidden reserves. Completely surrounded by private land, it’s spectacular boulders combined with its remnant bush are a glimpse into what this mostly cleared region used to look like. Stunning views extend to the far south, with parts of Ruffy, Longwood and Nagambie visible from its boulder outlook.

The walk started at 9:30 in Jeff Brouhgton’s paddock along the Longwood-Mansfield Road. A brief but steep drive to the top of the hill through the giant granite boulders typical of the Creightons Creek area had walkers at the official start point. After brief introductions, a short walk through Sue Vaughn’s property had walkers into the reserve. A quick group photos and smoko on the boulder lookout preceded walkers fanning out to explore and record some of the standout features in the reserve. The photos taken will be uploaded to iNaturalist as part of Strathbogie Conservation’s Lost Reserves of the Strathbogie Ranges project.

Threats of rain never eventuated, with only the slightly drizzle doing nothing to dampen the spirits of the budding citizen scientists. A late lunch sitting on a granite vein was the perfect end to the day, with as short walk down a dirt road to the end point for the car shuffle.

Thanks to the landholders for allowing us access to their properties, and to those who volunteered their time and vehicles to make the car shuffle so fast and easy.