Adventures in Nature – Mt Tenneriffe Walk

After being thwarted by the weather on our last attempt, the tides were turned and sunshine prevailed on what proved to be a glorious nature stroll. Not many people attempt Tenneriffe due to thinking that’s it’s not accessible to the public. It’s actually one of the easier walks to access, with the Parks Vic reserve starting at the end of Jeffries Rd. Anyone can drive right up to the reserve and walk straight in.

The warm weather proved inviting event to our reptile friends, with the first fence crossing guarded by a shy brown snake. After quickly reassessing our need to cross at that particular point, the party eventually crossed the now trickling creek and made its way to the base of Mt Tenneriffe.

Stunning boulders greeted walkers at the base of the mountain, and marked the end of the easy strolling. The ascent was steep and rocky, but relatively brief. The views were more than worth the sweat, with a thoroughly deserving party enjoying lunch with a view.

After an explore around the summit, the descent was a brief and relatively easy experience. A gentle stroll back to the cars while chatting with new friends was the perfect way to traverse the plains below.

Check out this comprehensive writeup by Bert Lobert over on the Strathbogie Natureview blog:

This walk was funded by the Victorian Government – Victorian Landcare Project.