Stop Mynas Strathbogie – Workshop #1

The Stop Mynas Strathbogie program was born from the success of last years Common (Indian) Myna workshop at the gorgeous Euroa Arboretum. We were luck enough to again have Peter Wiltshire, a Senior Ranger from the Darebin Parklands, talk with the group about the impact Common Mynas can have on native bird populations. He also covered what methods of trapping do and don’t work, baiting techniques, Myna behaviour and breeding habits, as well as the most humane euthanasia methods.

Peter showing attendees a PeeGee Common Myna trap

With the Stop Mynas Strathbogie project building momentum, the day reinforced the fact that there are people within the community willing to take a stand against the invasion of Mynas.

A PeeGee style Myna trap made by the Euroa Mens Shed

Thanks to Cathy Olive at the Euroa Arboretum for setting up and letting us use the space, and to the Darebin Creek Management Committee for their great work on controlling Myna populations.

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