Adventures in Nature – Rocky Ned Falls, Strathbogie Forest

Our small but determined group of explorers

The SRCMN is thrilled to announce a new series of walks we’re calling “Adventures in Nature”. These replace the popular Riparian Walks, with a broader scope for where we can adventure. No longer restricted to the Hughes and Seven Creeks catchments, this new series will explore some often overlooked areas of the Strathbogie Shire, as well as revisiting and modifying a few classics.

Sunday the 3rd of April 2022 saw our small band of intrepid walkers tackle perhaps the most challenging SRCMN walk to date. Made up of newcomers and SRCMN walking veterans, the group was especially fit and motivated, managing to simultaneously keep up a cracking pace and take in all of the natural beauty and diversity on offer.

Despite the Bureau’s best efforts to persuade the organisers to cancel the walk due to forecast rain, nerves of steel meant the decision was made to persevere. Far from the dire predictions coming true, the day turned out to be some of the finest walking weather one could ask for. Gentle sunlight hiding mostly behind rolling clouds, and the occasional sprinkle to keep things cool made for perfect walking conditions.

Hugh tree ferns, native wildflowers, grasses and shrubs, unknown eucalyptus hybrids and spiky brush were just some of the flora walkers studies on their journey. Unusually no fauna was sighted, save for some Yellow-tailed black cockatoos and other birds occasionally flying over.

The world famous Hugh’s Rock

The plucky group of 13 set off into the unknown, heading for their ultimate destination down at Rocky Ned Creek. The descent proved to be one of the more difficult we’ve experienced, with all but the bravest wearing long sleeves and pants to fend off the unrelenting spikes of the dense undergrowth. Eventually the confluence of Rocky Ned and Parlours Creek was reached, rewarding all of the bush-bashing with spectacular views up and down the famous Rocky Ned Falls. Several breaks were had to rest and refuel, with the entire 7km walk taking roughly 5 hours to complete. A short car shuffle was needed to ferry weary travellers back to their cars on Lima East Rd.

A big thankyou to all of those who attended, and especially those who assisted with the car shuffle. We look forward to the new locations, experiences and friends this new series of walks will bring.