2019 AGM

Conservation Group Plans For Next Decade of Work

Guest speaker Dr Jenny Wilson from the GBCMA

Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network kicked off preparations for its 2020 to 2025 strategic plan when about 20 members gathered for the group’s Annual General Meeting in Ruffy on the weekend.

Dr Jen Wilson, from the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority, provided a review of recent projects completed by the group and her thoughts on key challenges facing the Strathbogie Ranges over the next decade.

Stronger engagement of the whole community in the group’s core work of protecting and enhancing natural systems that support life in the Strathbogie Ranges was one of the core themes discussed at the meeting.

The group reflected on strong links between the challenges facing our water sources, our soils, species diversity and our atmosphere highlighting the important task of seeing our planet’s systems as a whole rather than as separate disconnected bits.

“The past decade has seen growth in the number and range of activities that address these challenges so a key task for the next decade is linking and showing how everyone can participate in these activities, tools and actions,” President Michael Spencer said.

“We have a great range of community groups in the Ranges. A key role for the CMN is to make it easy for people to take some actions, no matter how small, that contributes to better living for people and nature in the Strathbogies.”

One of the most important stores of species diversity, roadside vegetation, was discussed and the group heard about work underway by the Shire to improve community understanding and management of roadside vegetation.

Fire and fire management was also discussed as well as pollination and the important role insets play in maintaining balanced natural systems as well as the commercial production of crops and horticultural produce.

Water was another topic, groundwater systems and surface water, and this will be an ongoing area of work for the group. The plan will be finalised over the coming three months.

The next major activity for the Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network will be the Festival of Fungi in May to celebrate the important role fungi play in maintaining the natural systems that support life on the planet.