Awe & Wonder – Experimental Painting Workshop with Ann Cremean

Everyone attending the Experimental Painting workshop ‘played’ with paint, amongst some of the granite outcrops at Ruffy.

Tutor for the day, Ann Cremean, first instructed participants on mixing colours.   It was obvious from the laughter and chatter, that this experimenting with acrylic paints and different brushes was a lot of fun.

A treat at these workshops is always the morning tea and following this, the best part to the day was wandering into a grassy paddock of eucalypts and granite tors, to find a quiet spot to paint.   Some chose to sit alone to feel into the beauty of their surrounds and experiment with artworks, while others sat in groups of two or three to do similar.

Paintings were shared at the end of the workshop – people expressing delight and insights from their experience of connecting with aspects of the landscape this way.
Lots of fun and much awe.