Current Projects

Fingers on the Pulse

Fingers on the Pulse: Tracking the impact of climate change on the health of ecosystems in the Strathbogie Ranges.

Strathbogie koala study with the Australian Koala Foundation

I have concluded the field work and am analysing the data. Thanks to the assistance from all of our volunteers, we measured 1466 trees at 48 plots, and found koala faecal pellets
under 268 (18%) of trees. This is a higher proportion compared to many other areas where the Australian Koala Foundation has done research. Almost all sites were along roadsides
which were shown to be an important habitat for the koala with particularly high densities of pellets on the study plots along Bonnie Doon Rd.

Finding our ancient eucalypts in grassy woodland country

I’m sure you’ve often seen a magnificent old tree and thought – that tree must be hundreds of years old!
We want to find some of these ancient giants and would appreciate your involvement to locate, map and photograph them. The focus is on the species found on grassy woodland and adjoining riparian landscapes.

Healthy Hectares – Soil Health

Soil health is a huge and complex field, making knowing where to begin difficult for those who are just starting out. As part of the Healthy Hectares program, we’ve created this video to help landholders get their foot in the door and start improving the health of their soils.

Healthy Hectares – Land Class Fencing

Land Class Fencing allows you to assess your property’s unique characteristics and divide it up into areas of similar output and resilience. These areas are converted to paddocks, which can then be managed in the same way as other paddocks of the same class.

Glideways Project

The project aims to identify places being used by glider populations and to map the gaps in ‘glideways’ as a focus for future restoration, revegetation and nesting box projects.

Strathbogie Groundwater Project: 2019-2021

The community project will use a combination of fully automated monitoring and manual ‘bore-dipping’ equipment to measure seasonal changes in the depth of groundwater.

Bird Survey in the ‘Bogies

Here you can find the results of a bird survey of the Strathbogie Ranges. This was undertaken by Chris Tzaros in Autumn 2019.

Tree Storey – Strathbogie Citizen Science Project

The Strathbogie Forest is an island habitat for forest-dependent fauna. Though it faces a number of challenges (feral species, fragmentation, climate change) it represents critical habitat for numerous species in the Strathbogie Ranges.

Bogies and Beyond

The Bogies and Beyond Project was created by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority to answer a single question: How can we measure the effects of climate change withing the Strathbogie Ranges?

Stop Mynas Strathbogie

The Stop Mynas Strathbogie project was launched in 2019 as a part of the Bogies and Beyond Tree Storey project.

Riparian Walks

In late 2018, the Strathbogie Ranges CMN held the first of a series of riparian walks. The aim of these walks is to become better acquainted with our local waterways, and record some of their standout features along the way.