Glideways Project

Monitoring glider populations in the Strathbogie Ranges

This is a joint project between the Biolinks Alliance and SRCMN.

‘Glideways’ are the arboreal paths gliders use to travel through our landscape which are becoming increasingly disconnected. You might have noticed the possum bridge across the Hume Freeway at Longwood East. Squirrel gliders have been photographed crossing this rope ladder, so they must be pretty desperate!

The project aims to identify places being used by  glider populations and to map the gaps in ‘glideways’ as a focus for future restoration, revegetation and nesting box projects.

We are interested in collecting information about Sugar Gliders, Squirrel Gliders, Greater Gliders and even Feather-tailed gliders.

 If you have observed gliders on your property or nearby please email or contact Bert or Janet.

Your sighting will be mapped and you will receive this handsome Gate/Ear Tag to celebrate that you are the proud owners of valuable glider habitat.