Bogies and Beyond

Looking at climate change in the Strathbogie Ranges with groundwater monitoring and tree health surveys

The Bogies and Beyond logo

The Bogies and Beyond Project was created by the Goulburn Broken Catchment Management Authority to answer a single question: How can we measure the effects of climate change withing the Strathbogie Ranges?

Over the course of 3 workshops, experts and prominent members of the community debated the best answer to this question.

The result? The creation of two projects, each looking at what the group determined to be the most reliable indicators climate change’s effects.

One project focused on ground water, concluding that measuring a significant sample of bores across the ranges would yield enough data to spot a trend caused by climate change.

The other project focused on native trees, with the reasoning that if century old trees were struggling, that could be an indicator that the conditions they require to remain healthy are changing too.

Several members of the SRCMN were involved in the initial workshops and those members are carrying out a vast amount of the works to get these projects into the community.

A promotional video created for the Tree Storey project by AT Aerial Services