Healthy Hectares – Hillside Erosion

Hillside erosion is a tricky problem to tackle, but if you get in early, you can make a huge difference to your property.

There’s no right way to stop erosion, every property is different, and solutions depend on multiple factors like:

  • The severity of existing erosion
  • The steepness of the hillside
  • The amount of vegetation and tree present
  • The species of vegetation present
  • The landholders budget

The first step is to monitor the area of concern, as well as any areas where you think erosion may occur in the future. If the erosion is getting noticeably worse, you need to take action quickly before it becomes too damaged and expensive to recitfy.

Experimentation is key to finding out what work for you, but fundamentally you need to slow down the flow of water with obstacles such as coir logs, rocks or logs. This stops fast moving water from picking up more soil and making the erosion worse.

Increasing vegetation around the affected area is another key to stopping and possibly reversing erosion. However it’s vital that you plant the right species for your area in the right amount.

If you’d like to find out more about managing your property, the Healthy Hectares guide is packed full of useful advice.