Festival of Fungi – Lunch with Alison Pouliot

Postponed due to COVID-19. Sign up to our newsletter for future announcements on this event.

Join us for wine tasting, a cooking demonstration, a seminar and a fungi themed two course lunch.

Time & Date: TBA
Location: Northern Republic, Euroa

Lunch and a Wine Tasting Provided

Come and join us for a fungi based gastronomic journey. You’ll find nourishment for the mind and body, held in Euroa’s beautiful Northern Republic restaurant.

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The lunch event includes:

  • Wine tasting on arrival.
  • A cooking demonstration: how to cook those hard to find but delicious mushrooms.
  • A seminar from Alison Pouliot on edible and inedible fungi.
  • A fantastic fungi based two course lunch, made with commercially available mushrooms.

Please let us know if you have any dietary requirements before the event.

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