FREE Fungi Presentation and Field Trip with Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher

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Evening Presentation
Time & Date: 7:30pm, Thursday the 28th of May
Location: Ruffy Tablelands Community Centre (old Ruffy School)

Field Trip
Time & Date: 10am, Friday the 29th of May
Meeting Location: Ruffy Tablelands Community Centre (old Ruffy School)

A free fungi and soil themed presentation and field trip. Hear a fascinating talk from Dr Sapphire and explore the beautiful Ruffy area.

Fungimap event - Festival of Fungi 2018

Australian land managers are beginning to discover the important roles fungi play in healthy ecosystems. Australian fungi are different from those in other countries in the same way that our plants, animals and other species differ.

Dr Sapphire McMullan-Fisher is currently writing a practical guide for land managers . This guide will focus on integrating fungi into current management tool kits. We know that healthy bushlands are resilient due to the myriad of interactions between our animals, fungi, plants and microbes.

Sapphire will talk to us about the role of fungi within ecosystems and how to include them in the management of healthy ecosystems, as:

  • plant partners
  • providers of food & habitat for animals
  • recyclers of nutrients
  • why not all fungal diseases are bad
  • interactions that drive soil structure and health
  • how fungi are connected to other life

The field trip will see fungi enthusiasts heading out to some of our soil carbon trial sites via bushland remnant patches.