Summer camps for environmentally aware teenagers

Looking for something special for your kids to participate in over the Christmas holidays ?
Many local ‘green’ parents send their teenagers to Camp Icthus on the Gippsland Lakes.
For references talk to the Hagens, Townsends, Barlows, Arnolds, Ayres , Hames & Starkeys.

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Camp Icthus is an independent not for profit organisation which conducts camps for young people over the summer holiday period in Victoria, Australia.

Completely independent and operated by volunteers for over 40 years, Camp Icthus creates opportunities for young people to meet new friends and participate in a diverse range of outdoor activities. Camp Icthus is not linked or affiliated with any church or organisation.

Camp Icthus provides young people with an opportunity for personal, social and physical development in a caring and supported social environment.
Based at a ten acre bush site with beach frontage on Lake Victoria, our ten day Summer Camp programs revolve around the activities of canoeing, sailing and bushwalking. Small groups, with a minimum of 1 leader for each 4 campers, go out on overnight trips spending two or three days sailing the Gippsland Lakes, canoeing down one of the nearby rivers, or bushwalking in the scenic Mitchell River National Park. At night these small groups camp out, fully self-sufficient, under the stars. These trips provide an excellent opportunity to improve physical skills, foster a cooperative community spirit and develop environmental awareness.

Camp Icthus actively seeks participants from a wide range of cultural, religious and economic backgrounds. We encourage participants to develop friendships beyond the usual boundaries of their social groups.

Our volunteer leaders (all with National Police Checks and Working with Children Checks) tend to be as diverse a group as the campers. Many leaders have developed their skills and knowledge through participation as campers in previous camp programs. Some leaders have additional skills and qualifications in teaching, outdoor education and social welfare. All our leaders give their time to provide memorable camp experiences, acting as role models and helping to enhance the self-esteem of participants.

During the year, Camp Icthus Inc. holds numerous fundraisers, to keep our program going. Some of the money raised is also available for sponsorship of participants from disadvantaged backgrounds. As we are strictly a not-for-profit organisation, with no paid employees, we pride ourselves in being able to provide quality programs at reasonable rates.

Our Summer Camps Coordinator would welcome your contact for further information. Email or call Patrik Klages on 0438 343 127.