Soil health and hydrology of a Strathbogie Tableland farm landscape

Time & Date: 10am-2pm, Monday the 6th of June 2022
 TBC, Strathbogie
 $38 (includes lunch)

The day commences with a walk around a picturesque Strathbogie Tableland property with Walter Jehne to observe how landscapes affect the natural systems that support the soil sponge. Walter, a soil and climate scientist is currently working on global projects to rebuild soil health through regenerative farming practices and will be sharing his knowledge and experience that is relevant locally. An overriding concern for Walter is the potential for healthy soils and ecosystems to draw down carbon and their imperative for support human existence – healthy food, clean water and other bio-systems essential for human well-being.

Following the walk and talk out on the property lunch will be held in the hayshed which will provide shelter if the weather is inclement.

After lunch a presentation from Walter will delve into the science of soils and the features necessary for stable carbon, nutrient cycling and effective hydrology to build a resilient stable soil biota and soil carbon sponge.

The exact location will be emailed to you before the event.