Riparian Walk #4 – Hughes Creek Gorge

The fourth walk in the series of six walks departed at 9am from Hughes Creek Rd.

Walkers were greeted with perfect walking conditions, with a mild but sunny day proving optimal for seeing the Hughes Creek Gorge at its best, while also staying nice and cool. Almost immediately, the shoes were off for the one and only mandatory creek crossing just off the road. The more adventurous and less water-in-shoe adverse among us simply strode across the creek, while for others it was a choice of rock skipping or going footware free to make the crossing.

Along the way, walkers observed the natural beauty of this granite-free section of the Hughes Creek, likening it to an outback gorge due to its sandy banks. Numerous kangaroos and wallabies were spotted, as well as some fairly large native fish. Walkers also noted the severe infestations of introduced weed species, with blackberry and gorse featuring heavily along the first section of the walk. This uncontrolled spread of weed species is an unfortunate theme observed across all of the riparian walks to date.

The walk concluded at 12:50pm, with the group setting a record pace of 2.1km/h and covering 7.86km, the fastest of our walks so far. As with previous walks, the locations of blackberry bushes were logged via GPS, and a series of geo-tagged photos has been uploaded to the SRCMN Flickr for public viewing.

Thanks to all who came.

A link to the route:

Golden Pash - Golden Circle