Riparian Walk #3 – Gerars Creek

The third walk in the series of six walks kicked off at 9am from the Ruoaks Link bridge and finished on the intersection of Peters Lane and Tames Rd (at the bridge).

Severe weather warnings had been forecast, but by the start of the walk, the weather had held so it was decided to continue the walk as planned. With 4 hardcore walkers showing up, the walk begun at a brisk pace in an attempt to get a headstart on the weather. The plan nearly worked, but the inevitable happened about halfway through and the fervourous rain and wind swept in, slowly soaking the intrepid hikers as they went. Spirits remained high though, as the stunning scenery’s beauty didn’t diminish in the squall. The rain added a greater level of difficulty to an already challenging walk, making rocks and logs particularly treacherous.

Gerars Creek is a beautiful walk with some stunning rocky outcrops and natural waterfalls and waterholes. It’s relatively unexplored between bridges as the blackberries make initial access difficult. Wallabys, wombats and water-dwelling creatures (perhaps a platypus) all made an appearance.

Photos of interesting features and weed locations were taken throughout the walk and posted on the photo sharing site Flickr for public viewing.

A big thanks to Ian Cruickshank for bringing along his GPS to provide an accurate record of the walk.

Thanks to all who came.

A link to the route: