Fungal Adventure in the Strathbogie Forest

Exploring micorrhizal and other fungi in the forest environment, their roles in carbon cycling and potential for the future.

Phlebopus marginatus

Time & Date: 10am-2pm, Sunday the 5th of June 2022
 TBC, Strathbogie Forest
 $38 (includes lunch)

This activity is part of the SRCMN’s Carbon Trading on the Web project. This in situ forest activity includes two sessions with the renowned and engaging experts Walter Jehne and Alison Pouliot.
The approach is systemic, exploring the associations between fungal species and plants and other forest organisms that enables recycling and carbon sequestration.
The natural cooling mechanisms in forests and role of fungi in forest fire protection will be integrated into discussions.

The exact location will be emailed to you before the event.

Maximum of 50 participants.