Jill Breadon and helpers assessing water quality at Haywood's wetland.

Jill Breadon and helpers assessing water quality at Haywood’s wetland.

Part 1: Waterwatch & macroinvertebrates

How’s the water quality in your dam or wetland?

An underlying assumption of our Farm Wetlands for Woodlands project is that by improving the ecology of a wetland and its surrounds, by controlling stock access and encouraging native vegetation,  then water quality will be a big winner.

For an insight into what such an improvement in water quality might look like at our project sites, we conducted a series of straightforward water quality assessments based on the Waterwatch program in the Goulburn Broken Catchment. [You can find out about nutrients and Ecoli in the project-wetlands here.]

And we were most fortunate that experienced Waterwatch practitioner Jill Breadon not only lived nearby, but had time to coordinate the surveys. Jill, armed with gumboots, gadgets and lots of containers, monitored 16 of the 20 project-wetlands. With the help of landholders and the rest of the project team, Jill

Sampling dates:

Parameters measured: Turbidity, Salinity, Temperature, Dissolved oxygen, Diversity of aquatic macroinvertebrates.