We all know that the Strathbogie Ranges are a remarkable part of Australia without parallel. But what exactly happens when the average person isn’t looking? In the dark, damp, difficult to reach places? Places where only those with a curious mind, steadfast dedication and a formidable grasp of the scientific method dare to explore?
What do those people see, what do they know, and what can they teach us about a place that we feel we know intimately?

With help from the GBCMA, we’ve created Under the Microscope to answer these burning questions and fuel the curious minds in the audience to see the ranges in a new light.

With 8 expert speakers in the diverse fields of Geology, Conservation, Botany, Biodiversity, Ornithology, Ecology and Ichthyology, there will be something for everyone who wants to learn and interact with some of the finest academic minds in their respective fields. Lunch will be provided.

Time/Date: 10am to 3pm, Thursday the 27th of June, 2019
Venue: Euroa Football Club
Cost: Free