The Strathbogie Ranges CMN area contains few large areas of protected habitat. The larger ‘reserves’ eg Mt Wombat-Garden Range Flora Reserve and Reef Hill State Park are managed by Parks Victoria. The majority of public land exists as State Forest and is managed by the Department of Sustainability & Environment and large areas of the wetter forests are still subject to clear felling. Few of the many small reserves receive any management and most are isolated from other public land and poorly known (see below). Most of the public land in the Strathbogie Ranges is State Forest .

There are also significant areas of native vegetation on private property in the Strathbogie Ranges. Some of this is protected through permanent Conservation Covenants (Trust for nature), some is protected by commercial arrangements (e.g. Wetland Tender; Bush Tender; Woodland Tender; 5-10 yr landholder agreements with Govt agencies), but most native habitat on private property has no formal protection beyond the Victorian Native Vegetation Retention Controls.

We aim to visit as many of the smaller reserves as we can in the next few years in order to undertake basic habitat assessments, compile a photographic record of sites and, where necessary, bring management issues to the attention of the relevant land manager.

Some of these protected areas are listed below. They can be viewed by clicking the reserve name (below) or by going to the website Protected Planet [enter the reserve name in the search box, or by dragging the map and zooming in.] List starts with the largest reserves.

  • Reef Hills State Park – 20.2 sq km
  • Mt Wombat-Garden Range Flora and Fauna Reserve – 14.19 sq km
  • Yarck Nature Reserve – 5.4 sq km
  • Toorour Reference Area – 4.86 sq km
  • Switzerland nature reserve – 4.83 sq km
  • Gobur Nature Reserve 4.1 sq km
  • Glen Creek Reference Area – 3.92 sq km
  • Seven Creeks Reserve – 3.06 sq km [from Creek Junction to Galls Gap Rd bridge]
  • Wallaby Gully (Upton Hill) – 1.33 sq km
  • Hughes Creek Flora Reserve – 1.26 sq km
  • Dropmore Natural Features Reserve – 1.25 sq km
  • Molesworth Natural Features Reserve – 1.24 sq km
  • Caveat Nature reserve – 1.22 sq km
  • Bald Hill Bushland Reserve – 1.02 sq km
  • Marraweeny Bushland Reserve I54 – 0.87 sq km
  • Balmattum Hill Bushland Reserve – 0.79 sq km
  • Tenneriffe Nature Reserve – 0.66 sq km
  • Big Hill Nature Reserve (Longwood East) – 0.63 sq km see also here
  • Gooram Gooram Gong Bushland Reserve I47 – 0.48 sq km
  • Monea South Bushland Reserve (Upton) I42 – 0.27 sq km
  • Marraweeny Bushland Reserve I57 – 0.23 sq km
  • Euroa Bushland Reserve I49 – 0.23 sq km
  • Gooram Gooram Gong Bushland reserve I46 – 0.2 sq km
  • Marraweeny Bushland Reserve I55 – 0.18 sq km
  • Euroa Bushland Reserve I48 – 0.13 sq km
  • Monea South Bushland Reserve (Upton) I41 – 0.01 sq km
  • Wondoomarook Bushland Reserve I53 – 0.07 sq km
  • Wondoomarook Bushland Reserve I58 – 0.08 sq km
  • Wondoomarook Bushland Reserve I59 – 0.08 sq km
  • Wondoomarook Bushland Reserve I60 – 0.09 sq km
  • Wondoomarook Bushland Reserve I61 – 0.08 sq km
  • Poison Creek Bushland Reserve, Warrenbayne – 0.06 sq km (6 ha)
  • Honeysuckle Track, Boho South. [see also Honeysuckle Tk info on Strathbogie Ranges Nature View.]