Wetland rehabilitation and protection is being achieved by:

  • Establishing three demonstration farm-dam-wetlands within the woodland zone of the northern Strathbogie Ranges.
  • Improving the habitat value of 15 ha of wetland-woodland habitat, across ten private property sites.
  • Improving ecological connectivity of wetland-woodland habitat in the local district.
  • On-ground works eg. revegetation, fencing & habitat enhancement (eg. nest-boxes, logs, aquatic platforms, shallow/deep water areas).

Distribution of  Project Sites across the Study Area

The project currently has 12 participating landholders, with several more in the wings. The wetland area being managed covers 23.5+ ha.

Distribution of project wetlands across the project area.

Distribution of project wetlands across the project area.

Project Sites in the Warrenbayne-Boho District

Neander 1 ha

Aerial view of site (left) and view south over wetland (right)

Neander site aerial view.     View south over Neander wetland.

This is a 1 ha site, situated on an old billabong of the Baddaginnie Ck, in Warrenbayne. It contains an ephemeral wetland in a shallow drainage line, part of a modified chain of ponds system, within a stocked paddock. There are several prominent chains-of-ponds nearby. The site is adjacent to a fenced-off area containing a small section of the same wetland and a ‘turkey-nest’ dam and some remnant River Red Gums (Eucalyptus camaldulensis). The site will be fenced off to eliminate stock access to the wetland and wetland margins will be revegetated with a variety of local indigenous shrubs. River Red Gums will seed and regenerate naturally at the site.

More information on these pages.

Simmons 1.5 ha

Aerial view of site (left) and view north over wetland (right).

Simmons site aerial view.   Simmons DSCF2023small

This is a 1.5 ha site at the head of a small drainage line in the catchment of Folly Ck, Warrenbayne. This wetland is both spring-fed and catchment fed (after heavy rain). Although discharging just a few meters from a major tributary of Folly Ck, the water here flows northward, following gentle depressions for 1.5 km before merging with the main channel. A small windmill pumps groundwater to a farm header tank. The site also contains a mix of mature and regenerating River Red Gums. Though modified, the site’s hydrology is still largely ‘natural’; the dam is small and the site is subject to natural, seasonal wet/dry cycles. The site is fenced on three sides.

Wakley 3.2 ha

Aerial view of site (left) and view across southern inlet of the dam (right).

Wakley site aerial view.        WakleyDSCF2044-002

This wetland is a large, ex-irrigation dam that is in the upper catchment of a small tributary of the Broken River check!!). It is already fully fenced and the water level has been lowered to create larger shallow water areas. The landowner previously planted a variety of trees around the margins of the wetland, though shrubs are missing. It is poorly connected to nearby woodland vegetation, though there is a scatter of trees in the paddock to the east. The wetland will be improved by the placement of old logs and stumps in the wetland and supplementary planting of locally indigenous shrubs and other understory on the south-west edge of the wetland. Additional species of water plants will be planted along shallow-water margins of the wetland. If possible, additional trees will be planted to the east of the wetland, to improve connectivity with the native vegetation along Benalla-Warrenbayne Rd.

Washusen 1 ha

Aerial view of site (left) and view south-west over wetland (right).

  washusen site boundary  Washusen DSCF5832small

This 1 ha site is a drainage line in the headwaters of a tributary of the Baddaginnie Ck.  It has a well-developed local floodplain and a small pond at the bottom of the site. The site includes two precious, large River Red Gums and some fallen timber. Though ephemeral, the drainage line floods regularly after heavy rain and carries large amounts of sediment and nutrient through the site into a dam just downstream. The site will be fenced to control stock access; there will be supplementary planting of locally indigenous shrubs and aquatic vegetation. The rapid flow of water through the site will be mitigated by the construction of one or two, bunds (low, earthen embankment) across the drainage line to hold water back after the flow has passed, creating a small, seasonal chain of ponds, and to spread the water over a greater part of the adjacent floodplain..

Haywood 1.2 ha

Aerial view of site (left) and view west over wetland (right).

Haywood site aerial view.  Heywood small

This Warrenbayne farm dam lies on a small, ephemeral tributary of the Baddaginnie Ck.  Apart from several  River Red Gums, there is little native vegetation at the site. Some patches of fringing aquatic vegetation do exist, but have previously been over-grazed by stock. The site has now been fenced to control stock access and several dense shrubby thickets of revegetation are planned around the southern margin of the site. The dam inlet slopes gently to the west and will support important mud-flat meadows and reed beds which will hopefully extend around the margins of the dam. A narrow corridor of trees and shrubs is being considered along an existing fence-line, to connect the site to the native vegetation along Dobsons Rd.

Bromley 1 ha (information coming soon)

Oglibee 1.3 ha





Bromley DSCF6830small

Fry 1.3 ha (information coming soon)

Fry DSCF5789 small

Ogilbee 1.3 ha

Ogilbee DSCF6810 small


Project Sites in the Swanpool District

Murray 1.3 ha

Murray site aerial view.  Murray DSCF4729 small

This wetland site is located in the north-western corner of the Murray property off Lima Road, Lima. The 30 mega-litre dam is used for irrigating pasture crops adjacent to the site. This project will control stock access to the upper one-third of the dam margins and connect this  wetland area to native vegetation along Ethel Rd, to the north-west. This new connecting corridor and the wetland margin will be fenced and revegetated with indigenous plants (terrestrial and aquatic).

Herbert 1.75 ha

Herbert site aerial view.Herbert DSCF6200 smallThis site comprises two separate wetland sites connected by regenerating native forest. A peaty, spring-fed drainage line supporting tea-tree thicket and sedge-land sits in the west-center of the site and a  perched bog, more typical of higher altitudes in the Ranges lies in the eastern corner of the site. The remainder of the site includes cleared land and 10 yo natural regeneration (mainly Silver Wattle, Acacia dealbata) regrowth.

Holmes 2.5 ha

Holmes site aerial view.Holmes DSCF4715This ‘chain-of-ponds’ site was established several years ago, though only partly successfully. It sits in the upper catchment of the Lima Creek on an ephemeral drainage line. Revegetation of the area and  earthworks creating shallow-water and ephemeral areas will help rehabilitate the  site.

Hillis 1.5 ha (information coming soon)

Wood 3 ha

Hillis aerial