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Welcome to the home of the Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network.

Collecting Biodiversity Information

Several Southern Water Skinks sunned themselves whilst we cooled down.Biodiverstiy information is being collected via targeted surveys, as well as from general observations.

  • Landholders are audio-recording frog calls from their farm dams, as per the Conducting a fauna audio survey information sheet.
    This information will add to our understanding of the distribution and abundance of frog species in the project areas.
  • Wetlands Habitat Assessment Tool and Woodlands Habitat Assessment Tool are being used to describe native habitat at each site.
  • Lists of all identifiable flora and fauna are made during each visit to a site.
  • Two Reconyx Hyperfire motion-activated trail cameras are being rotated through the project sites to build a picture of the types of fauna using local farm dam and wetland habitat. Image results will be posted on and on the page links, below.


Flora, fauna and habitat descriptions of project sites

Warrenbayne District
Swanpool District
  • Murray
  • Herbert
  • Holmes
  • Hillis