If you’re thinking about protecting or rehabilitating native vegetation on your property, you may be eligible for material or financial assistance to conduct management works such as  fencing, habitat rehabilitation (e.g. woody debris, revegetation, nest-boxes) and pest plant and animal control. Our CMN is involved in a number of biodiversity projects that work with landholders to achieve better conservation outcomes on private property. These projects focus mainly on high conservation value wetlands, streams and forest sites on private property and can range in size from 1 ha, to as big as a property.

  • The level of incentive applicable to a site varies, depending on  site-attributes and the funding program it best fits into; a smaller, poorer quality site could attract as little as $300/ha in financial assistance, or as much as  $1000/ha.
  • Most management plans and agreements run for a minimum five year term.
  • Fencing rate is a minimum of $7/m and increases depending on the size and quality of the site, up to a maximum of $12/m.
  • Minimum width of corridors is 40m along streams and 20m in paddocks.

Alternately, if you just want to talk through some ideas and explore management options for your site, we’d be happy to try to help.

For more information contact Bert (03 5790 8606), or Janet (03 5790 4268).

Download an Expression of Interest form here.