Welcome to the home of the Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Management Network.

Past Event

Riparian Walk #1 – Polly McQuinns to Gooram Falls

The first walk in the series of six walks started at the Polly McQuinns weir and finished at the Gooram Falls car park on the Merton side (number 2).

There was a great turnout, with 28 walkers coming out to enjoy the perfect weather and beautiful scenery of the Seven Creeks Reserve.

Amongst the group were experts in Geology, Australian flora, local catchments and groundwater, bushwalking and rogaining. Along the way, walkers were treated to some amazing facts about the waterway that added another depth to the experience.

Blackberry locations were logged via GPS along the way to use as a reference for any control efforts, and the SRCMN drone had it’s maiden flight to capture some of the unique scenery from above.

Apart from a couple of hair raising moments and an appearance by a particularly large black snake, the walk went smoothly, although it concluded a bit later than expected.

If you have an interest in learning more about the Seven Creeks and Hughes Creek waterways, or just going for a walk with some great people, please don’t hesitate to RSVP for our next walk on Saturday the 24th of March.

A big thank you to all who came, and especially those who helped ferry walkers up and down the hill.

Ian Cruickshank

Map courtesy of Ian Cruickshank

Ian Cruickshank

Map courtesy of Ian Cruickshank

Forest Moth Night

Discover the wondrous, nocturnal world of forest moths. The night will be guided by moth expert Steve Williams. Steve presented our first and spectacular forest moth evening in Nov 2015 (https://strathbogiesustainableforests.wordpress.com/2015/03/09/strathbogie-forest-moths/)
We’ll meet at the Strathbogie Memorial Hall at 7 pm and head to the forest from there for some moth hunting and spotlighting.
Billy tea and supper will be provided.
Feel free to stay for a short while or until stumps.

Start Time/Date: 7pm, Saturday the 10th of March 2018

Start Location: Strathbogie Memorial Hall


A Day with Dr James Fitzsimons


New and Part-Time Landholder Euroa Forum 2017

The Strathbogie Ranges CMN is excited to bring you this year’s introductory event for New and Part-Time Landholders.
This is a great event for those who would like to learn more about the area, meet some locals and get their advice and expertise on a variety of topics affecting new landholders.
If you haven’t attended any SRCMN events before, this is a fantastic way to get involved, and meet some fellow New and Part-Time Landholders along the way.

Time: 11:00am to 2:00pm with morning tea and a light lunch provided.

Speakers: Janet Hagen, Bert Lobert, Karen Brisbane (GBCMA), Cathy Olive (Euroa Arboretum)

Location: Sat 26th of August 2017 – The Old Flour Mill Gallery, Euroa

Themes & Topics:

  • Property Management
  • Environmental Restoration/Enhancement
  • Support Opportunities
  • Financial Grants
  • Local Geology
  • Environmental Issues

Please register your interest by emailing us at strathbogierangescmn@gmail.com


Revegetation Day – Ruffy


On a sunny but bitterly cold Sunday in Ruffy, the SRCMN held a revegetation information event for local landholders. The aim of the day was to get the attendees thinking about flora on their land and covered topics such as:

  • The advantages of revegetating cleared land
  • The different species of seeds available
  • How to collect your own seed
  • Where to buy seeds and saplings
  • Different methods of planting
  • Site preparation
  • Tree protection
  • Planning for climate change
  • Available grants

A field walk was conducted by Janet and Justus Hagen at their property in Ruffy, before the group moved on to the Ruffy Community Centre for lunch, a short presentation and some further discussion.
It was fantastic to see such an wide array of attendees from such a variety of backgrounds.
Justus and Janet were a wealth of knowledge and left every attendee with a new understanding of the role of native trees on local properties.