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Welcome to the official website of the Strathbogie Ranges Conservation Managment Network (SRCMN).

Here you’ll find events, news and local information about conservation in the Strathbogie Shire.

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RSS Strathbogie Natureview

  • Fringe-lily : anything but common!
    The Common Fringe-lily, so-called, is an exquisite flower on a slender, branched stem that’s often unable to carry the weight of the multiple large, showy flowers it bears. But this fringe-lily is anything but ordinary. We’ve never seen so many in our patch of forest here at Boho South, not in the 30 years we’ve […]
  • A fatal accident with a shiny window.
    This beautiful specimen was dead when I found it, so beautiful that I still have its mummified body. Found beneath the windows at the Ruffy Tablelands Community Centre in September 2017. Still warm when I picked it up ! Its a bronze-cuckoo but which one ? Shining or Horsfields – I didn’t hear it call […]
  • Dieback or Growback
      STRATHBOGIE RANGES TREE HEALTH SURVEY Help us protect the old trees that make the Strathbogie Ranges such a great place to live. Climate change could mean that in the future the Strathbogies may be drier and warmer, or hotter and wetter. One of the natural features that are highly valued by the region’s residents, […]

RSS Our Strathbogie Forest

  • Strathbogie Forest Celebration Dinner
    The natural environment all over the planet needs friends, but let’s not forget our own backyard. It’s time we celebrated the forest on our doorstep and our achievements over the last four years! Join us for a friendly catch-up over … Continue reading →
  • Still Mt Seldomseen
    It was fitting that the walk to Mt Seldomseen was perhaps the smallest walking group we’ve ever had – six! So, Mt Seldomseen remains just that. It was a gorgeous day – blue sky and warm, perfect for a bush … Continue reading →
  • Mt Seldomseen walk – Nov 12 2017
    This walk is part of our Strathbogie Forest Citizen Science Project. This project was funded with the support of the Victorian Government.    Filed under: Community